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Update Wallet BitCrystal v20 new 07.06.2018

8 June 2018

Latest code is pushed into the BitCrystal repository

So I created NSIS installer scripts to add installer support.  Part of the reason I used installer was because a single self-contained binary (like it was before) is inconvenient, and is also problematic if you want to add features like automatic updates for users. Installer will install the app (including Qt libs) in Program Files x86.

There are two flavors of BitCyrstal installers: regular lite version (11MB), and the other one which also installs blockchain data to give users a chance to sync up with the network quickly. They can download and install whichever version of installer they want. Larger version is here New Wallet.


I hardcoded the DNS seed IPs into the app, so the config that installer installs for other settings (like RPC user pass etc) does not include “addnode” commands for adding your IPs. So this is done by the app itself. is not needed anymore. Thanks



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