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Bitcrystal News

20 April 2015

You can not cheat with this exchange because

1. you used multisig addresses you , your partner and the node server must confirm and sign the transaction in order to can send the transaction over the network… i used my algorithms to check the transactions for correctness and you cannot use a bitcrystal transaction for the bitcoin wallet and vice versa.

2. you can see in the log and with the command decodetxids the txids from your partner so you can check over a blockexplorer whether your partner is a scammer.

3. Next you can see with my commands the balance from multisig addresses without needed all privkeys… Usually with the command getbalance is it not possible to see the balance from multisig addresses if you not owned all priv keys…

i make this possible with my commands getbalance_multisig and getbalancefrommultisigaddress_multisigex and so on…

and 4. the transactions build the client and the server and check for correctness on all sites… That means nobody has the option to fake the network transfer.

and you can change the packet encryption in the node. properties for example if you change to encryptionMethod to normal you used 3x rsa encryption + 6x aes 256 encryption and you can change the password and salt values from the

But if you change this the server and your partner must use the same passwords and encryptionmethod to can make a trade.

but so have the option to make a transaction without the fear for hackers and sniffers…

5. the exchanger is fully decentralized. Every Client is to the same time a node server. So you can trade over everybody. If the router from the guy supported upnp you don’t need change the router settings. So your partner can trade over you. But you and your trade partner must use a other nodeserver. You can not trade over you or your partner . You must use a 3 person. This helps that the partner or you not can cheat… xD

That meaning the third person is only the sender and the confirmer . He looks on your partner and your site whether all is correct.

so everybody can not cheat…

and if anybody find a way to cheat . i will find ten ways to solve this problem.

yes its true with my bitcoin wallet,bitcrystal wallet and this exchange you can be full decentralized. And so is my coin and bitcoin the first really decentralized coins on the world. Sorry guys other coins to add is lot of work and it needed many changes to the source code from the wallet to make this exchange possible.

and the exchanger has many more features. therefore i need a guy that can good speak german and english

in the next time i will make a video for the exchanger and for the minecraft plugins. And after that i will fix buggs for my exchange websites and so on. sorry that my pool etc is often going offline i must often recompiled the wallets and make tests,

Best Regards


3 responses to Bitcrystal News

  • Allan says on December 16, 2017 at 4:59 am

    You guys still around or did u guys close shop.

    • admin says on February 9, 2018 at 12:10 pm

      We dont close 🙂

  • Janusz Wasser says on December 29, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Hej. Strona co jakiś czas nie działa, dlaczego ?


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