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13 March 2014
  1. Latest code is pushed into the BitCrystal repository So I created NSIS installer scripts to add installer support.  Part of the reason I used installer was because a single self-contained binary (like it was before) is inconvenient, and is also problematic if you want to add features like automatic updates […]

  2. so guys i published the first release from my decentralized exchange yet. he works well i have tested it… but if you find buggs let me know. so here download links . please look in the trade_guide_pics folder here you can find pics to make a correct trade… sorry a […]

  3. You can not cheat with this exchange because 1. you used multisig addresses you , your partner and the node server must confirm and sign the transaction in order to can send the transaction over the network… i used my algorithms to check the transactions for correctness and you cannot […]