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  • AlgorithmQuark + POW

  • You can mine!from your wallet

  • Yes mine!using your CPU

  • Update wallet 2018-06?DONE!

  • You remember?the price for QUARK!

250 mln coins!

Pure creativity

BitCrystal Specification

We create new ground of cryptocurrency

MAX COINS 250,000,000 + 3% Inflation annually

▧   0   -10 Blocks = 10.000.000 BTCRY
▧   10 -20 Blocks = 5.000.000 BTCRY
▧   30 -40 Blocks = 2.500.000 BTCRY
▧   40 -50 Blocks = 1.250.000 BTCRY
▧   50 -60 Blocks = 650.000 BTCRY
▧   90 -100 Blocks = 325.000 BTCRY
▧   From Block 101 you get 9766 coins which divides each
1440 blocks so that we eventually arrive at 5
▧    only every block the is divideable through 30.000 you get 100.00 BTCRY
101 Block – 29,999 Block      –     You get the current block reward
30,000 Block     –     you get 100.00 BTCRY
30,001 Block – 59,999 Block      –     You get the current block reward
60,000 Block     –     you get 100.00 BTCRY
and so on …..

MAX COINS 250,000,000 + 3% Inflation








Creativity, innovation, but also knowledge and development

developers work

Who are we anyway?

Our Team

Fast & Curious

We could say to be young and dynamic, that you may be surprised with special effects, we prefer to achieve the result and let the numbers speak for us.


CEO and Developer


CEO and marketing

Agnes Rac

Graphic designer


Blockchain Dev , CPP Programmer

    Our company attaches great importance to the numbers. is our way to success

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    We're a close team of creatives, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences. We take pride in delivering only the best.

    1. Latest code is pushed into the BitCrystal repository So I created NSIS installer scripts to add installer support.  Part of the reason I used installer was because a single self-contained binary (like it was before) is inconvenient, and is also problematic if you want to add features like automatic updates […]

    2. so guys i published the first release from my decentralized exchange yet. he works well i have tested it… but if you find buggs let me know. so here download links . please look in the trade_guide_pics folder here you can find pics to make a correct trade… sorry a […]

    3. You can not cheat with this exchange because 1. you used multisig addresses you , your partner and the node server must confirm and sign the transaction in order to can send the transaction over the network… i used my algorithms to check the transactions for correctness and you cannot […]

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